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Project Runway’s Model Winner, Liris Crosse Presents Life of A Working Model Bootcamp Project Slay NYC with Celai West

Project Runway Winner, Super Model Liris Crosse Celai West, The 1st African American Child Model to Walk Among an All Adult Fashion Show at NYFW Style Super Model, Liris Crosse presents Ten Year Old Viral Sensation, Celai West Learn the Industry and How to Slay The Runway at Project Slay NYC with Super Model, Liris Crosse and Viral Sensation, Model Celai West -the best of both worlds You have to remember who the heck you are! You are a Queen or King! You deserve the best! You are #1! The Big piece of chicken. Stand proudly in it! Don’t let them change who you are. Know who you are” — Liris Crosse Life of A Working Model was founded on the premises that all women can be confident and make the world our runway. With a long history in the Fashion World as a Model and Spokesperson, Liris Crosse has been featured on International Stages, on The Steve Harvey Show, and within newsstand magazine pages – that you may have heard of like first Plus Size Winner of Project Runway, in the pages of Vogue, Essence, O, The Oprah Magazine, Commercial Print with Lane Bryant, worked with Maggie Sottero, and The Winner of the prestigious Award, FFFWeek Model of The Year, and way too many other accolades to name herein. Model Coach Liris has so much love for Fashion, Modeling, Runway and Human kind – it shows through her life’s work within her Modeling Workshops. She is known to teach to reach, thus meeting her students exactly where they are to show them how to push pass the fear of starting. What you can expect to learn within Project Slay NYC is to be equipped with tools that you can utilize within every area of life. The Bootcamp is an empowering haven of sorts – to be loved on, gain confidence, learn to walk like a Model, an opportunity to network with working Models, and gain knowledge from Myriad Model Casting Director who has worked on Project Runway, Project All Stars, NYFW and Glam Masters. Liris Crosse’s passion for Coaching both girls and women are evident in how she loves on her students and spreads inspirational words throughout her digital footprint. Did you know Liris Crosse was a Model Mom – yes to the first African American Child Model to Walk among an all adult line up during New York Fashion Week at Style Fashion Week 2018, and she is Celai West, the ten-year-old pint size beauty. Little Miss Celai West is beyond confident for her age and owns while slaying every stage she blesses – you will be in awe of her very presence with her big natural hair to compliment that gorgeous smile. After experiencing Celai West, you will be thinking WOW, and she’s only a child – with an amazing Modeling Career on the rise. You will also meet Celai’s Mom, Mrs. Linda Ligons-West who manages her daughters blossoming career as a Runway Model, Actress, and Commercial Print Model. A STEM Girl at heart, West is also a budding Fashion Designer with a line of T-shirts. The beautiful and brilliant Celai West has been seen Slaying some of the biggest Runways like Style Fashion Week, Style LA, New York Fashion Week, Society, and seen within TV & Commercial Print working with Gap, Target, Disney, Walmart, Allstate while Acting in I Am My Own Mother, which has premiered in 2018 Cannes Film Festival. The life skills taught at Life of a Working Model Bootcamp are actionable, applicable and will carry you throughout your entire life, hence these life changing Modeling events are for those with dreams to become models with very little experience or novices. We must learn to push out our purpose, discover our passions, speak life over ourselves and others then strategically build bridges to walk over our troubles oppose to burying ourselves in the trauma of our yesterday. Life of A Working Model Bootcamp is about working on the total girl; ushering her into being a strong whole woman of wisdom, so we aren’t walking around broken while hurting others who love us most, especially ourselves. You will be learning the Model ropes from a consistently booked Model, Liris Crosse, and ten-year-old Model & Kidpreneur, Celai West. The Life of a Working Model Bootcamp is set up to teach you how to strategically shift your mindset, and speak life into the broken places, which will ignite the dreams lying dormant within each of you – who haven’t found your voice. Each spark of genius that is curated at Crosse’s Model Bootcamp is designed to reposition each attendee to ignite their dreams of modeling, thus teaching both young girls and women of all shapes and sizes how to professionally live on purpose in the Modeling world. Liris Crosse has designed her Modelling Bootcamp to help women and girls learn the industry’s in’s & out’s, walk with confidence, be bold, and never allow anyone to dim your light because it’s about knowing your worth -while shining from the inside out. After #LifeofAWorkingModelBootcamp, you will exude confidence and reassurance in your ability to push through all obstacles and distractions – even if you’re it. It goes without saying, Plus Size Super Model Liris Crosse’s Bootcamp is lifechanging, and has the potential of helping participants land a modeling deal, but there are no promises – you MUST put in work, be consistent and are able to deal with rejection very well. Like with any career being a model is no different in that you must master ways to position your thoughts on all that is amazing within and then seamlessly get yourself to the other side of through by staying out of your own way to become who you already are – on & with purpose. You can’t afford to miss this NYC Modeling Bootcamp, especially if you’re ready to learn how to become a model with Plus Size Model Liris Crosse, the Founder of Life of a Working Model Bootcamp. # LirisCrosse # CelaiWest #HowToBecomeAModel #LOAWM #LifeOfAWorkingModel #MakeTheWordYourRunway #ModelingBootcamp #NYFW #ModelCasting #ProjectSlay #SlayAllDay #FashionModels #NewYorkFashionWeek #ModelCastingCalls #TopModelingSecrets #BreakingIntoModeling #ProjectRunway #DaphneDWilliams #iAmDwriteWELL #DwriteWELL Connect with Liris Crosse on Instagram @LirisC & Facebook @LifeOfAWorkingModel, and Get More Details LirisC.com/loawmbc Motivated Beauty, LLC +1 864-901-8070 email us here Visit us on social media: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Super Model, Liris Crosse On Project Runway and 10 Year old Model, Celai West Slaying The Runway at NYFW at Style EIN Presswire does not exercise editorial control over third-party content provided, uploaded, published, or distributed by users of EIN Presswire. 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